Best seller sample box

Best seller sample box

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For fabric orders above one metre you can order in 0.5m increments, please contact us and we can send you a manual invoice instead of ordering online
All our samples are generous sizes, we do not do returnables
Wallpaper samples 52cm x 50cm
Fabric samples large scale patterns 30cm x 27cm
Fabric samples small scale patterns 22cm x 21cm

Click here to see the interactive PDF page of what is included in the Best sellers bx

We have a great design tool which is as big as a conventional fabric book but much more flexible because all the samples are loose. This means you can move them around your project without trying to keep the book open at the correct page. You will have a much better idea what the fabric will look like on or in your project, without the distraction of a cumbersome book.

We have made a video for you to watch so you can see exactly what the box looks like and what is contains. The box has been custom made for Charlotte Gaisford and it has a very smart blue cover with our logo in red and white on the top. It contains 26 large fabric samples which are 31cm wide by 43cm high, they all have a smart label attached showing a full width of the fabric on the back and all the dimension, repeats etc.

No waste
We decided to make samples boxes rather than have books made. This was because the samples boxes are made with no waste. All the fabric we have printed is used to make the samples boxes. The books were so wasteful, and they used so much fabric to make the books because they had a cookie cutter method which wasted masses of fabric around the sample they used in the book.

Your customers
All the designs we have included in the sample box are our top selling fabrics. They will give you a taste of what the fabric and designs are like, cuttings are also available on the website if you need to see different colourways. We hope this samples box will give your customers great inspiration for their homes.



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