What goes with what fabrics

When decorating it is a good idea to choose a show stopper or hero fabric first, it is then much easier to choose all the other fabrics you will need in the room. I have gone through all my collections and made downloadable PDF files showing all the other complimentary fabrics you could add to your scheme. You won't need all of them, just choose the ones you like and then you can order samples.
You can also find and download the same PDF documents from the product pages. I have put them all together in this section.

I do hope you find it useful and do please email me if you have any feedback.

Click on the links below and open up the PDF documents, you can print these off as a reference

African Father

Alice green

Alice pink

Alice red

Annabel green

Annabel red

Camilla blush

Camilla FP

Camilla pretty blue

Camilla again LB

Dancing Daphne rose

Daphne Daphne SB

Dreaming Garden green

Eggs and bacon olive

Elizabeth blue

Elizabeth red

Emma blizzard

Emma verty


Georgios green

Healey Monkey

Ionian blue

London Birds LB

London Birds green

London Birds red

Madam Birdie SB

Orlando the Great

Piccadilly green

Red Beach red

Sharanshar green

Sharanshar leaf

Sharanshar pinky

Sharanshar storm

The Countess

Tiger blue

Tiger green

Tiger red

Zoe verty