Trade accounts

Trade account

If you are interested in a trade account, we would like to see that you are a tangible, operating interiors business. We can give you a quick answer if you can see you have a website which meets our requirements. We are sorry but we can't accept 'under construction', 'one page websites', Instagram or Facebook pages. 

We like to see who you are and what you do. If you do not have a website, we would need to see past projects, and ask for your VAT or Company number. We can only deal with a business who operates on an official capacity. This means we can find your business from a search online or we can see you are registered on an official government website.

Every fabric company has a different policy when giving out trade accounts. We are not conventional and we do not ask for trade references because we do not offer credit or payment terms. We also do not insist you buy sampling from us before we trade.

If we can see who you are and what you do, it is easy to have a trade account, if we can't see who you are, then it is very difficult. Only fill in the trade form if you are confident you have the above to avoid disappointment. 

To Apply for a trade account please email us with the following information
1. Name
2. Company name
3. Website address
4. VAT or Company number

Please see the video below which shows you our sampling best sellers box

Best sellers sample box video

Click here for interactive image of what is in the Best Sellers samples box