Design Help

Help with your interior design project

Charlotte is not a trained interior designer but she is often asked for help with using her fabrics and wallpapers. If you have any photos of your project then this would be a great help. You could email your photos to Charlotte with an outline of what you are trying to achieve. If you can give Charlotte as much information as possible this will help Charlotte give you better advice. Charlotte does not charge for this service, but she is busy and can’t do full room schemes etc.. she can give you some advice within reason.

Everybody is different and has a different style, even with photos it is difficult to know what to suggest. It would be good if you have already got some samples so you have a starting point. When decorating a room it is good to incorportate other designers fabrics and wallpapers, it is difficult to create a whole room from one designers fabric and wallpaper.

Charlotte would be happy to Zoom/Facetime you if you can show her your room and she can meet you.